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Spent a lot of time yesterday looking through piano duet music.

I’m always amazed by what’s available free  online.


In my own library I had these:

Schlummerlied by Liszt
Morceaux en forme de poire by Satie

Brandenburg concertos 4,5,6 by Bach (transcribed by M(ax?) Reger
Sonata 1 by Mozart K. 357

All this is in preparation for this evening’s planned reading through piano duets by me and my friend, Rhonda.

I have suggested to her that we could actually do 2 piano things if she doesn’t mind the gicky sound of my electric piano.

In that case, I have 2 scores (necessary) for the following:

Rapsodie sur un theme de paganini, op. 43 by Rachmaninoff
L’Embarquement pour dythere – Valse Musette by Poulenc
Scaramouche by Milhaud
Piano Concerto in G minor by Mendelssohn


This one looks like fun. Believe me, we will not be reading it “Vif.”

I love playing music with other people. I think I am basically an ensemble player. Although I do a lot of solo playing on organ and piano, I still think it’s more fun with others playing along.

I have played in 3 & 4 piece rock bands, accompanied many solo instruments on piano and organ, played in wind ensembles (mostly trumpet in high school. This includes some excellent experiences at Interlochen and state festival wind ensembles conducted by some excellent people), orchestras (8th grade? again trumpet, harpsichord with South Bend Orchestra, organ and harpsichord with Grand Rapids Symphony – 1 time), not to mention the many choirs I have conducted.

I love it all.


PrideSource – LGBT Chevy ad goes viral

article by my talented nephew, Ben Jenkins.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicts ‘sharp disagreement’ among justices –

Eileen and I watched Ginsburg’s speech on C-span. Regarding the upcoming ruling on the Health Care Plan, she said, “Those who know don’t talk. And those who talk don’t know.”

You can see it here:

Supreme Court Justice Speaks at American Constitution Society Conference | C-SPAN

But you have to click on the Video Playlist: American Constitution Society for Law and Policy Convention on the right side.


Music mogul donates audio interviews to Library of Congress  – NY Daily News

Doesn’t look like there are plans to make this available online. Too bad.


Falling U.S. crime rate raises more questions than answers –

Did you know that crime rates are falling even as people are more and more frightened of each other?


A Test of Racial Justice –

North Carolina seeks to gut the 2009 Racial Justice Act. Nice.


The Linda Lingle Channel –

One entire cable TV channel in Hawaii dedicated to one senatorial candidate.  Yikes. Can you imagine the future of this sort of thing?


Vulnerable to ‘Reform’ –

A life long wheel chair bound person outlines what changing federal funding will mean for him.



Music by Ulrich Nehls

While I was looking for piano duets, I ran across the work of this composer. I like the way he self promotes by allowing performers to use his scores mostly for free. What a guy!


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