today is almost a day off

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So today I have no specific church or college duties. I usually finalize some Sunday morning music on Tuesday. I will probably do that this morning. I’m still strongly considering playing “Danse” by Debussy as a piano prelude. It’s a great piece and a good one for the Easter season, I think.

I’m down to three more ballet classes this term. One of them (Ballet III) will consist of each of fifteen or so dancers leading the rest of the class through combinations. This will be fun and interesting for me.

Yesterday one of the dancers approached me and asked if I could play Chopin’s Waltz in C# minor or a Chopin nocturne for her combination. I told her I would bring the music. I think it’s nice that a college age dancer would request such music. She told me she had heard me play the nocturne.

Yesterday I was practicing Debussy and William Bolcom between classes. I see it as an added benefit to be able to grab a little practice while I’m waiting for class to start. The classes often start late. I’m usually there early. This sometimes translates into 15 minutes of rehearsal time. It must have been in one of those times the dancer heard me playing Chopin.

Earlier in the day, yesterday, I stopped by to say hi to my Mom at her nursing home.  She got out of bed and chatted with me. I made her bed and straightened up a bit. I mentioned that I wanted to get back home and treadmill before going to work. I encouraged her to exercise and that it benefits both physical and mental health.  As I was leaving, she jumped up and said she would walk with me a bit. We ended up walking all over her floor.  I wondered if she was thinking of my comment. Heh.



I added two new pieces to my free mostly original sheet music page today:

Christ lag in Todes Banden BWV 695 by J.S. Bach pdf
converted to three stave version with the C. F. alto in pedal

Puer nobis nascitur by J. P. Sweelinck pdf
In my Dover edition, the half notes in most of this piece
are written as black note heads with no stems. I made a version I find easier to read and also created an alternate three stave version of the last movement, putting
the tenor C.F. voice in the pedal.


Advice on moving to Los Angeles | Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers is the man who created and then sold CDBaby. He blogs occasionally. This is a cute one.


Let the Arizona Law Stand, Then Wither –

Interesting reason to let this law stand.


In France, Hollande Camp Tries U.S.-Style Canvassing –

Analysis: Sarkozy’s odds improve but remain against him | Reuters

Looks like France could move left. Hey. It could happen.


Charles W. Colson, Watergate Felon Who Became Evangelical Leader, Dies at 80 –

I don’t mind in fact I approve of the fact that then Florida Governor Jeb Bush restored Colson’s rights to vote and practice law. I do however mind that President GW Bush gave him the frigging Presidential Citizens Medal. Good grief.


SMART Muni App for San Francisco Transit Goes Unused –

Not surprising that they can’t afford to add simple easy tech.


Amazon’s E-Book Pricing a Constant Thorn for Publishers –

Amazon Pulls Thousands of E-Books in Dispute –

Sunday Dialogue – Books in a Digital Age –

I’m not sure what I think about this controversy. I hate to see Amazon bullying publishers and bookstores. On the other hand, the publishers seem to be screaming and kicking their way into an obstinate oblivion.


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