tired old jupe on Thursday morning


I had planned to post a video of the choreography some of the ballet students came up with for my composition, “Julie’s Waltz,” this morning. The instructor gave me a DVD at class yesterday and told me there was a video on it. However the DVD  does not seem to have anything on it. Best laid plans. If I get my hands on a video of the students dancing to my waltz I will post here and on Facebook.

In the meantime I look forward to some relaxing time on my Thursday off.

All I have scheduled is a piano trio rehearsal and that comes under my heading of Stuff I Do For Sheer Pleasure.

I have a memorial service coming up Saturday. The family has a list of music that they wanted me to pick from for the prelude. It includes Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, “Rondo” from Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, “Traemerei” by Robert Schumann, Air on a G string by Bach, and the famous slow part of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. I have managed to run down all of these and will have them all ready to play on the piano or organ on Saturday.

This Sunday I am playing the first and last movement of Bach’s transcription of Prinz’s concerto in G (BWV 592) for the prelude and postlude respectively. I have been working on them for a week or so. Hopefully they will go as well as the other pieces I have been playing public recently.

Checked on Mom yesterday. She seems to be doing okay. Tomorrow is her birthday. Eileen and I will make  a bit of a fuss over her.

I cleared a bunch of bookmarks off my browser this morning. I am hoping that might speed up my online experience. At any rate it will streamline it for sure.

I got up this morning with my head spinning (not literally). Exhausted and also unable to stop thinking about stuff I want to get done. Made a list and then made coffee.

1. Weighing Free Speech in Refusal to Photograph Lesbian Couple’s Ceremony – NYT

It is striking to me how the Gay rights discussion echoes the Civil Rights movement.  If one imagines that the couple involved in this suit were bi-racial, it seems pretty obvious to me they should win their suit.

2.Prosecutor in Racially Charged Shooting Case Near Detroit Is No Stranger to Spotlight – NYTimes.com

Keeping an eye on this weird killing.

3. Watchful Eye in Nursing Homes – NYTimes.com

Shocking stories of hidden cams in nursing homes.

4. The Shame of American Health Care – NYTimes.com

Some stats I want to remember in this editorial.



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