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Things went well yesterday. The funeral was a full house. The assembly sang the one hymn strongly. It was a task to keep up with them with only piano, but my boss told me the family said that they wanted no organ.

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The woman who died was in her early forties. It was a tough funeral. Her mom and step dad were wandering around hours before the funeral looking stunned and lost. The death was unexpected.

Our first rehearsal of the season went well I think.

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I taught them their first canon from Helen Kemp’s Family Canon Book: “Soli Deo Gloria.” I had almost 100 per cent attendance. No newbies. It was easy to be the person in the room in the best mood last night (this is a goal of mine when I am the director). There was a sad moment when the step father came in the rehearsal to tell us one of us had left our headlights lights on. The poor guy hadn’t gone home yet.


Lawsuit: Current election system of Alabama appellate judges discriminates against blacks | AL.com

And yet the high court of the land continues to rule and think that racism has been defeated.

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