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Eileen is off to spend the day on a road trip to Forma where she buys her weaving stuff. She is going with a friend. I have the day pretty much off and need it. I still haven’t heard back from the cellist for the upcoming memorial service scheduled for a week from tomorrow. I think I will email him tomorrow if I haven’t heard from him by then. Mary Miller, the office manager, wants to finalize the bulletin for the memorial service by Monday. This means I need to know exactly what this dude wants to play and plug in to the service. Doable but a bit unnerving that he has let it go this late.  Not sure what to make of this.

I finished typing in my reading notes to Tragedy and Farce by Nichols and McChesney this morning. I also started Chapter 4 of my Greek text. I have worked through the readings of this long chapter already, but now I plan to be more thorough about studying the grammar. The texts say it should take about 7 weeks to do this chapter. I’m thinking it will be longer for this old solitary dude. Maybe I should consider taking a classical Greek course somewhere.

I took Mom to the doctor’s office yesterday (she’s fine). I was surprised how quickly my energy dissipated after that.  I did get a call from my doctor’s office that my lab results of my blood tests came back and were all normal. I guess this means I don’t have lead poisoning. They still haven’t posted the results to my online account yet.

I managed a bit of organ practice before my violinist showed up to practice. She consented to play on Pentecost at Grace so that will be fun. My cellist has already said she could do it. We’re singing this fun little Irish piece  which has a nice obbligato instrumental part which sounds cool on the violin. I’m seriously thinking of arranging the closing hymn, “There’s a Sweet Sweet Spirit” by Doris Akers, for piano, violin and cello. I could do one that could accompanying congregational singing and then one that could be the postlude. We’ll see.

I have been wondering if my fatigue is connected to my lack of exercise. I haven’t done any walking for the last four days. Maybe I’ll do some today. Maybe I’ll look around for a treadmill machine as well.

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