tinchel,Issa & nitid (thank you JB)

“Industrious, affable, having brain on fire
Henry perplexed himself; others gave up; “

John Berryman, Dream Song 58

Like I did with my initial read of Paterson by William Carlos Williams I am basically just reading Berryman’s The Dream Songs cold without any background reading or information other than consulting the dictionary.

I have always done this sort of thing: throw myself right into something complex. I admire Zappa for this. Having only a high school education, as a young percussionist he threw himself into the world of Edgar Varese.

At my age, this is only one of my approaches. I discovered recently that Paterson has been revised and edited by Christopher MacGowan. He is the surviving editor of the two volumes of WCW I just finished and was solely responsible for the second volume. It’s only a matter of time until I pick up his Paterson and learn more about WCW’s incredible poem.

As I pondered The Dream Songs this morning the dictionary yielded excellent results. Examples of new words I learned:

tinchel – a circle of sportsmen who surround an extensive space and gradually close in on game… Gaelicltimchiol circuit

The tinchel closes. Terror, & plunging, swipes.
I lay my ears back. I am about to die.

Dream Song 56

Issa – Haiku poet, Kobayashi Issa… the name Issa literally means ‘one cup of tea’

Issa & his father who
sat down on the grass and took leave of each other.

nitid – bright, lustrous Latin nitidus – shining bright nit[ere] to glisten

Nitid. They are shooting me full of sings.
I give no rules. Write as short as you can,

both of these words from Dream Song 54

You get the idea. There were several more just this morning. I figure there are probably edited editions available with explanations if not web sites with the same. But as I said, I enjoy throwing myself directly at the art.

This morning’s upcoming service of Lent I will include some fun music: Piano trio movement by Mozart for the prelude, “Adoramus Te” by Mozart for the anthem and a world premiere of my latest composition based on the closing hymn for the postlude.

I need one last practice session this morning on the electric piano with headphones while Eileen sleeps. It will be interesting to see how this all comes off.


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