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Found this quote this morning on (a new web site I have added to my daily regimen):

The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory. — Howard Zinn, 2004

This fits quite nicely what I was ranting about yesterday.

Throughout the day yesterday I kept bumping into obstacles.

Someone had removed all my posters for my upcoming recital at church.

A woman at church asked me if I had any left. I think she was the one who took the others down.  I put up all my posters around town on Friday. I had none left so I had to borrow one to photocopy from a choristers folder.

The copy machine was left tonerless for the weekend so no copies of the poster and I was unable to do some of my prep for this morning and long range prep for the recital.

I managed to go online and print up copies of the ad I submitted to the paper thus circumventing the non-functioning copy machine by printer directly to another printer. The woman who asked me about the posters then put one up on the bulletin board at church.

The bulletin for today has several errors in it.

Comic: Importance of Proofreading

My attempt to correct something in my article resulted in a word in brackets. In my email, I had put it in brackets so that the secretary could easily see which word was different. I also bracketed an omitted comma and a missing “ing.” These for some reason luckily escaped the bracket in publication.  It’s a bit confusing to me that she managed to omit them and not the one around the corrected word. Hmm.

I also requested that she not print out the music for the descant verse for the congregation on the opening hymn. This would mean omitting a page of music in the bulletin which contained just the third verse and the descant printed above it. I suggested to my boss that she simply type out the third verse like a poem and add it to the bulletin. But instead she attempted to add the verse right under the other two in the music. Unfortunately she didn’t quite get all the words under the right notes.

I decided I needed to lay a board over my harpsichord as a sort of flat surface on which to put music. When I stopped at Menards, a young man who helped me find a board and cut it, quizzed me about music in general.

I’m not sure he ever understood what a harpsichord was. He thought it was an autoharp. When I described it to him, he looked doubtful.


I noticed that he merrily ignored my comments and began regaling me with an entertaining story of his own attempts at recording and studying music. I quickly just listened.

The board worked perfectly.

I didn’t tune the harpsichord yesterday so I have to do that this morning. I’m also thinking of making another set of string parts for a piece on the recital next week. I think it might be nice to have strings on our little closing valentine piece: “It was a lover and his lasse” by Morley.

So I better quit doing this and start doing that.

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