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marimba and stuff now out of the church

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Yesterday afternoon, Eileen helped me move everything out of the choir area in the church. Despite both of us being tired, it wasn’t too bad. It definitely helped to have Eileen there. So now the marimba, a podium, another shelf, and percussion instruments are living in the choir room. I will need to straighten in there soon.

I need to get off my butt and make sure I can find places to practice organ soon. I left a stack of music in a pew near the organ at church, but I’m not too optimistic about being able to do much more practicing there.

what are you doing jan 20th?

because my former teacher, Craig Cramer, will be celebrating the installation of a ginormic pipe organ at Notre Dame.


jupe needs time off

Despite the fact that I need to do some work around changing next Sunday’s bulletin, I’m planning to attempt to do some relaxing today. I am physically and mentally exhausted this morning. Not surprising. I tangled with Greek verbs this morning and they basically won. Ah, tomorrow is another day.

Eileen got up early, had a banana, played boggle with me, then left to go exercise at Evergreen. Now is the time for me to quit blogging and do some reading and practicing piano and electric harpsichord.

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What the Chief Justice Should Have Said – The New York Times

Linda Greenhouse is excellent. I try not to miss any column she writes.

Japan Recalls Ambassador to South Korea to Protest ‘Comfort Woman’ Statue 

Art in the news.

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