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Hey. Cool. My Sunday New York Times finally showed up this morning. This is the fourth week since I subscribed and I pretty much had given up on ever getting a Sunday paper. I have been using the Replica edition which is pretty good. But there’s nothing like sitting and sipping a cup of coffee and reading the paper.

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And then there’s the New York Times Book review.

In fact, the article above caught my attention and now I’m very interested in the two books in the review.

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I have just ordered copies of these two books from Amazon.  Gal Beckerman’s review sucked me in. I was thinking about his ideas about the power of quiet today when I decided to not improvise my boss back to the pulpit after she read the gospel. It was silence that was drawing me in.

I think it would be good for me to ponder the plus side of being invisible and on the outside. It’s where I am for the most part. And I do feel the value in solitude and quiet. I often retreat to being alone and quiet, although I do read my poetry out loud.

In fact, I have a sense that maybe it’s a bit too easy for me to withdraw and live the life of a hermit (with my lovely wife, of course). It’s interesting that Beckerman brought up Thomas Merton. Merton has had a huge influence on my life. I haven’t read much of him in the last decade or so, but many of his ideas are sort of stuck in my brain.


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