the usual stunned feeling on monday morning


I have been fantasizing about completing my harpsichord’s renovation during Hope’s Christmas break.


The main job left to do is insert the plectra and then voice (trim) them.

There’s no question I don’t have enough time to do this right now. Even though I only work a couple hours a day accompanying ballet, I find it difficult to motivate myself on a large project like this.

And Monday’s are especially hard due to the effort I put out on Sunday.

Yesterday, I pretty much nailed the Milhaud and Buxtehude organ pieces I played.  The choir sounded good. Afterwards, there were some visiting musicians who were not particularly friendly and I was glad that I the music had gone well. They chatted me up but very reservedly. Good grief.

I seem to be continuing my preoccupation with the music from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book.

I was reading in Naylor’s book (see previous post) and he mentions how appropriate all the music would be when staging Shakespeare since it is contemporary to him.

I even Spotified and listened to people play music from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book as I treadmilled yesterday.

So enough blogging…. back to work today!


Architect Rafael Viñoly Likes His Sundays Dull –

I like this feature that the NYT runs on Sundays describing how different people live out THEIR weekend.

This guy actually works as well as plays his many pianos. Very cool.


David Lynch’s Album, ‘Crazy Clown Time’ –

Did you know this guy was a musician? I didn’t.


Turning the Dialogue From Wealth to Values –

I basically agree with this article but am puzzled that he didn’t address the basic lack of value in people who move money around for exorbitant fees… which makes them rich but doesn’t really contribute to society


Dirty Harry Meets Dirtier Edgar –

Maureen Dowd has an interesting interview with Eastwood. Some fascinating back story on the movie and history. I love the comments of screenwriter, Black.


Sex Harassment – What on Earth Is That? –

Telling dirty jokes? Does my language offend? Tricky stuff.


Why Are Political Cartoons Incendiary? –

Intelligent questions from the former long time editor of The Nation.


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