The steam, the stains and the lock

It’s a gorgeous dark Michigan morning. I have the windows open and the wind is not too chilly and is making a fresh breeze in the house.

Yesterday after church, Eileen did some yard work and then set up the hammock. I sat in a lawn chair nearby and read the New York Times. Gorgeous day.

I am beginning to feel the stifling aspect of teaching college (or should I say the painful lack of collegiality?) ebbing.  I have been practicing like crazy and even entertaining some small notion of getting back to composing and recording.
“As chess players or writers or mystics know, the pursuit of insight takes you deep into the forest. Days were I’d just gaze at the steam rising from my cofee, or stains on the wall, or a locked door. Days were I’d find the next key in the steam or the stains or the lock.”

from Ghostwritten by David Mitchell

This quote is taking place in the mind of a brilliant physicist who has run away to her home on an island off Ireland (I believe). Her insights will not leave her alone.

I find it quite liberating to look at the upcoming days and realize that I will have more and more time to do the things I love.

Life is good.

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