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Last night was the choir party. I think it was pretty much a success. People seem to have a good time. Almost every choir member either showed up or let me know they wouldn’t be there due to illness or previous commitment. I try each year to broaden these social events to include all the music ministers. But this essentially ended up being choir members and significant others. Besides eating and drinking, we sang hymns. I brought over hymnals from the church (as well as dishes and glasses to use, clean and return).

This was my first church party. I have kept a pretty low profile at church and have not wanted to rush into letting people into my private life. But now I’m ready. This group of singers is doing a phenomenal job. Plus I like each one of them quite a bit.

So the blog is going up a bit late this morning. I got up and cleaned a bit, then sat down and tried to prepare a score. The piece is “Tu Solus Qui Facis Mirabilia” by Desprez. It is beautiful. I found an online edition and am redoing it because the alto line was written in the wrong clef.

As I’m doing this, I’m adding interpretation as is usual in this kind of a score (16th century choral music). I have been listening to a recording of it by the Hilliard Ensemble (one of my favorite choral groups).

I decided about an hour ago that I’m not going to try and get this manuscript ready for tomorrow’s post service rehearsal. We have enough to learn and it’s not scheduled until mid-Feb.

So now I’m waiting for the dishwasher to finish cleaning the plates and glasses. After it’s done, I will cart all the stuff I borrowed back to church and then practice, make a couple anthems legally on the photocopy machine and put them in the slots for tomorrow.


Chevron’s Ecuador case takes new twist –

Ray Hinkle linked this article in yesterday’s comment section. Warning, you have to register in order to read it, but it is free.

After doing some more poking around, I found that this disaster is under reported for sure. Petroecuador, Texaco and subsequently Chevron (who acquired Texaco) have ruined large swathes of South America plundering it for oil and leaving chaos in their wake.  Apparently this is the biggest environmental lawsuit in history (so far) 7 times bigger 1989 Alaskan debacle and comparable only to what happened in the first Gulf War when Hussein trashed Kuwait’s oil fields.

Chevron fights Ecuador pollution lawsuit –

Back in June, Naomi Mapstone (who co-wrote the first link with Ed Crooks) outlined the whole mess in the above link. There is also a slide show but I couldn’t get that to work.


From Senator Bernard Sanders – Free Trade vs. Jobs –

Senator Sanders continues to gain my admiration. This is a link to a letter he wrote recently.

He was recently on Stephen Colbert and kicked butt (link to the whole show).


Study Says Looks Matter as TV Covers Congress –

Is this surprising? Not to me.


Study of Medicare Patients Finds Most Hospital Errors Unreported –

Hospital employees recognize and report only one out of seven errors, accidents and other events that harm Medicare patients while they are hospitalized, federal investigators say in a new report.


Meet the Online Mischief-Makers |

My daughter, Elizabeth, is quoted at length in this article. I am very proud of what she’s doing!


10 Words You Mispronounce That Make People Think You’re an Idiot | Primer

Also got this link from Emily Jenkins on Facebook.


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