the marathon begins


I tried to take it easy yesterday since today begins the marathon. For the next six days this old guy has stuff to do each day: rehearsals, services, ballet classes. This kind of schedule is bit more daunting than it used to be for me. I feel old particularly when I see myself in pics like this:

Hell I am old, 63. This morning I tried to laying in bed past 6 AM. On Wednesdays I drive to the ballet classes because I meet with Jen and company right after my last class at the church. Driving is the only way to make it on time.  This means I can leave the house a bit later.

I took advantage of this as well and made tabbouleh this morning. I bought and prepared the bulgur yesterday. The instructions said to add boiling water and dry bulgur and wait an hour. After an hour, I was dissatisfied withe bulgur, too tough. So I covered it with water and let it sit overnight. This morning it was just right so I drained it and added the rest of the ingredients. It helps me to eat on the run on Wednesday as well so I will be having tabbouleh between ballet class and church meeting.

I’m wondering if the cat is contributing to my weird blood pressure lately. What has been happening is that I get up and take my blood pressure and it’s a bit high (over 140/90). Then I make coffee. Take it again and it invariably falls down into a ┬ámore acceptable range.

Yesterday I took it at Meijer. The stupid stupid blood pressure machine had new annoying talking software. It wanted to know if I was a boy or a girl, my birthdate, my height before it would take my blood pressure. I seem to amuse a person standing nearby as I yelled at the robot. Since the human was amused I pointed out that this was probably going to make my blood pressure higher.

But it didn’t. I had the lowest Meijer blood pressure in ages. Weird.

Back to this morning. The cat invariably accompanies me in the bathroom as I sit and take my blood pressure the first time. He likes to give me uncomfortable love nips on the most vulnerable part of my calf. So I usually sit and try to relax while the cat rubs me and sometimes nips me.

This morning I decided to take my blood pressure again right away with the cat out of the room. Sure enough, it fell enough points to come down to normal or normal high for me (under 140/90). Hmmm. That seems way too simple for me. But maybe there’s something to it. Tomorrow morning I will try to remember to kick the cat out before taking my blood pressure the first time and see how it is.

Meanwhile: Once more into the fray!

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