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Eileen was disturbed yesterday (as was I) to discover that the dental insurance we purchased did not include our dentist in its covered network.

She spent several hours on the phone correcting this.


It involved talking to the insurance company, then convincing the Affordable Care Act network that we deserved an exception to allow us to switch to one that does.

By the end of this marathon she was exhausted but satisfied.

I am beginning to think that my burn out is ebbing a bit. This might be the result of both impending endings of ballet class and Holy Week and pacing myself with the work I have to do for Holy Week and the Organ project. I told the church secretary and my boss that I was pointing a psalm a day. This seemed to work for them. The secretary is responsible for assembling (reassembling) the programs for Holy Week. My boss is still making decisions about which readings will be included in the vigil. This will determine which psalms will be included. My pace is allowing her some extra time to make these decisions.

The people in my choir who are managing to keep their commitment during this time put in a good rehearsal last night. I told them that the church appreciates the long hours and work.  I have a small choir and several people have bailed on me for this the most important season of the church year. But those who remain will do a respectable job. I hope they feel appreciated.

I need to get moving on the Organ project. My boss gave me permission to post her newsletter article on Facebooger. She and I differ in our perception of how social media and web sites can function to help the church. She has offered to include me in this work for the church but I have consistently left it to others.  This means my criticisms must be a bit muted. Nevertheless I continue to try to tinker a bit with connecting people online.

Today I’m planning to email all four of the builders the organ committee has chosen to contact. I am planning to ask them for permission to make posters of instruments they have built and installed to display to the congregation. This will mean a bit of leg work for me, but it is easily done I think.


After my boss gives me dates she is available, another task I have is to attempt to arrange for an organ crawl for the committee. The purpose will be to hear small tracker organs similar to what we are thinking of putting in.

In the best of all possible worlds, these would be made by the four builders. Unfortunately their small instruments are not necessarily located in the mid west where we could drive to hear them. So we have decided to hear some small comparable instruments. Then seek out instruments made either by builders we want to pursue this with or maybe all four. We will see. That’s a later step.

In the meantime life goes on and I continue to spend many hours reading and practicing. Life is good.

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