the holiday continues


I’m feeling a bit better this morning. Fam is still here. I went out and got bagels and lox for breakfast. The Good Earth also had a few gluten-free options. Emily said the bun I brought her was still warm and fresh.

Most of the crew went away, probably to the Peanut Store. I was talking to Ben this morning and commenting that he had been visiting this house (and the Peanut Store) since he was a child and how cool that was.

A Storied Bookstore and Its Late Oracle Leave an Imprint on Islamabad – The New York Times

This bookstore (and the owner) sound amazing. I noted some of the titles he recommended. Mark has already pirated one of the titles, “Fallen Leaves” by Will Durant.

France’s Ambassador ‘Knows How to Throw an Elbow’ – The New York Times

Great article. Original headline was better: France’s Ambassador Has Shiny Cuff Links but Also Sharp Teeth.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Takes a Darker Turn – The Atlantic

I don’t pay too much attention to the Trump phenomenon. But the darkness gathers.

How Google Inspired Raspberry Pi’s $5 Computer – Digits – WSJ

Tony Wesley (who is visiting and is practically a family member being Ben’s boyfriend) mentioned this to me yesterday. After finding this article on my Google Newsfeed, I asked him where he first heard of it. He couldn’t remember. Several sources at once.

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