the daughters fly away, jupe bites on words with friends

We saw off my daughters at the airport yesterday.

Parting is difficult, especially for my daughter Sarah who feels homesick quite a lot in England.  They managed to arrange the first leg of their journeys together and flew from Grand Rapids to O’Hare.

They texted and emailed a couple photos they took on the way.

Sarah just put up on Facebook that she is home.

While we were waiting for their plane, I succumbed and started 3 Word with Friends games (fake scrabble on Facebook) with Sarah’s significant other, Matthew, Elizabeth and Eileen.

This seems to be the primary way I will keep in touch with Matthew since he is shy of web camming and emailing and snail mailing and phone calling. What the heck. You take people where you find them.

He is excellent at Scrabble, also passionate and highly competitive.

I came home from the airport yesterday and managed to get some organ practice in. This is more fun than it has been since the organ guy came and tuned the organ and repaired some ciphers (sticking pipes).


The Real Thomas Jefferson –

I find it so annoying when people reassess historical figures using contemporary understandings and failing to make the leap of imagination about what it was like to be alive then. Certainly Jefferson had feet of clay, like all human beings. But his contribution is important regardless and is not negated by the fact that he failed to understand the evils of slavery and racism in his time like practically every other white person in America.


On Religion – Andy Statman’s Search for God in Music –

Will definitely be spotifying some of these musicians.


Syria internet access restored after two-day blackout | World news |

I guess the rebels were wrong about the government blackout of internet being the first step in the final push to get rid of them?


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