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I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning pouring over my Pentecost Suite, comparing the organ part I think Rhonda’s working from to the Marimba part. After this exhaustive work I concluded that somehow I had given the Marimba player parts that were without mistakes. Whew. That’s what I get for working from old Finale files while listening to Rhonda the other day.

I managed to book a B and B for the next three nights in Spring Lake. This is far away enough to seem like it’s not Holland and close enough that it’s  a short drive. I’m planning to pack up and leave after church. Eileen will join me tomorrow. AirBnB (which I used to book this place) is a kind of weird thing.

My friend Rhonda and daughter Elizabeth seemed familiar with it. I went on their recommendations. Plus at $60 a night, it’s cheaper than a hotel. I’m hoping that even though we will be staying in a downstairs condo with the owners living right upstairs we will still have privacy and peace and quiet for a few days.

God knows I need it.

I messaged the owners of the place that I was bringing my electric piano. They didn’t object in any of our communications.

I’ll stop off and say hi to Mom before I leave this afternoon. Then I’m hoping to hole up in this B and B until Wednesday morning when I will return for my meeting with my boss at church and choir rehearsal. No ballet classes this week. Hope’s on Spring Break.

Juliet Schor: The New Politics of Consumption

A 1999 article footnoted in Kent Greenfield’s The Myth of Choice. Consumerism is one of five significant cultural influences in our lives that we sometimes miss. You know like goldfish don’t know they’re in water.

“In contemporary American culture, consuming is as authentic as it gets.” Juliet Schor


This organization gives cameras to children and adolescents to “teach clinicians about the realities of their illness, experiences and needs.” I love it that the kids do the teaching with videos.

Richard Glatzer, Co-Director of ‘Still Alice,’ Dies at 63 – NYTimes.com

Died from ALS. Very brave man.

8 Things Top Practicers Do Differently | The Creativity Post

I’ve put this info up before, but this article sums it up clearly.

Terry Pratchett, Novelist, Dies at 66 – NYTimes.com

After reading his obit, it might be time to go back and read some more of his novels.

A History Lesson for the Republicans Who Wrote to Iran – NYTimes.com

Literally a little history of evolution of the presidency around negotiating treaties.


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