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Spent the entire morning finishing up a working copy of the Mendelssohn anthem I putting into Finale. I need to get practicing this as soon as possible, so even though it’s not quite done, I want to print up what I have and start learning the organ part.

All that is left to do is put in the words. I am thinking of making a different score for the choir utilizing this doc in which I will expand the two staves of the choral part into the more traditional four.

Anyway, that’s all the time I have for blogging.


All-Star Orchestra Records Series for WNET –

This seems like a valiant attempt to support this kind of music.


Rage by Miners Points to Shift in South Africa –

It happens over and over. The idealistic revolutionary becomes the fat cat and suppresses others.


Students of Harvard Cheating Scandal Say Group Work Was Accepted –

More on this story. Sounds like the situation might have been a bit more involved than the first news story:

Harvard Says 125 Students May Have Cheated on Exam –


The G.O.P. Fact Vacuum –

We’ll see if the Democrats manage to do as prevarication.


Transport for London razes homeless woman’s shelter | Society | The Guardian

Classical musicians living on the streets of London for years.


Chinese City Gives Retirees License to Ticket –

Interesting concept. It probably works better in a society that not only can see the invisible old but actually respects them in a culturally embedded way (I have experienced this there).


Roma Still Waiting for a Change of Fortune in France –

Roma=gypsies…. still get oppressed.


On Gulf Coast, Low-Profile Victims Are Hit Hard –

NYT tries to expand the notion of where Isaac has done damage beyond Louisiana.


Negative Campaigning, Pompeii-Style –

Same as it ever was.


Party of Strivers –

[T]here is a flaw in the vision the Republicans offered in Tampa. It is contained in its rampant hyperindividualism.


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