Sunday morning before work


I got up earlier this morning but I’m still running late on blogging. Eileen and I made a grocery trip yesterday with one important goal to replace the propane tank on our grill. Unfortunately, while attempting to hook up the new tank I dropped the dang thing on my hand. The damage was not as bad as it could have been. I have no bruises this morning but two of my fingers immediately became uncomfortable yesterday and they are sore this morning. Good grief. It’s not as if I don’t have enough obstacles between myself and my need to improve as a musician.

Ironically I had just purchased work gloves for just this sort of task but had neglected to don them. sheesh.

I finished Ross’s essay on Schubert this morning. I find Ross very inspiring. He combines a erudite informed understanding with a thoroughly contemporary point of view. I like both things about him. The next essay seems to be about Bjork. Cool.

When I read about someone like Schubert I inevitably find myself drawn to the piano to play through some of their work. Yesterday and this morning I spent time with the first movement of Schubert’s last piano sonata, the one in Bb major. Nice stuff.

Ross points out how pertinent Schubert is to many composers living now. He quotes a Ligeti lecture on Schubert. I didn’t check the footnote, but remembered that Ross attended some lectures by Ligeti. I doubt if they are published.

Enough. Time to get ready for work.

I’m Latino. I’m Hispanic. And they’re different, so I drew a comic to explain. – Vox

I found this helpful. Latino refers to geography (Latin America… people from Spain are not Latino, people from Portugal are). Hispanic refers to Spanish language speakers (People from Spain are Hispanic, people from Portugal are not…. they speak Portuguese.)

Glenn Yarbrough, Folk Singer With the Limeliters, Dies at 86 – The New York Times

Another fascinating obit. I like the part where Yarbrough realizes that his audience was rich boring people and also that he kept being drawn to sailing around the world.

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