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I heard a rumor once that the great Episcopalian liturgist, Marian Hatchett forbade any discussion of the weekend Eucharist celebration until after Monday. The idea that stuff in the ritual being done badly was usually so disturbing to him that he needed to calm down first.

So maybe I won’t write about this morning yet. Not that I’m upset but I do have a few comments.

I used my usual morning blogging time this morning to finish up some string parts so that I could give them to the violist this morning at church. We have a rehearsal tomorrow evening so I was feeling pressed. It’s only been since last Thursday after meeting with my cellist that I have thought it would be doable to have her and her lovely sister the violist play at some upcoming services.

In order for this to work, I had to devise parts of the viola.

It threw my morning off. Actually I had enough time but the stupid stupid stupid computer that is hooked up the printer was weird. First google drive couldn’t make itself go online. (“you cannot do that offfline”) Then as I tried to print up the copies of the parts it went sooooooo sloooooow that I barely made it on time for the 9:15 pregame.

I continue to observe that devises seem designed to fuck with me and you. How many times a day are you staring sympathetically at a clerk or waiting on the phone someone’s computer to work?

Anyway this might be the whole deal this afternoon, since I have to go say hi to my Mom at the Care Facility and then listen to the excellent Rhonda Edgington play her Advent Recital.


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