sunday afternoon



Having a visiting youth choir directed by my old friend, Bob Hobby, made for a pretty easy Sunday morning for me. The small congregation sang up a storm. We had visitors from the Grand Haven church. But they were very participatory. It’s more fun when that is the case.


Bob’s choir was quite good. They helped out significantly on the John Rutter canticle I scheduled for this morning. They sang two anthems and both were very well done. Nice to hear 12 young people making music together.


I put up some of these pics on Facebook and had several people who went to school with Bob and me at Notre Dame “like” them. Bob is not on Facebook so it was good connecting and exposure for him and young choir.


I had all of them sign our new Pasi guest book. It was fun working with Bob and his singers.


They arrived last night about 4:30 and had made reservations at Eighth Street Grille. Bob called and Eileen and I met them for supper. Then we went to church and prepped for this morning.


After church, they all changed into traveling clothes, jumped in their two vans, and were on their way to Mackinaw Island.

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