Sunday after church

My main computer died this afternoon. Eileen was blithely playing away at a game and suddenly: BAM. Nothing. I messed with it for a while but I think it’s really dead. I will take it to the computer doctor tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am using my quasi-son-in-law’s computer which is sitting in my living room. I have hooked up my printer and back up exterior drive to it and all is pretty much okay at this point.

Church went well today. Afterwards a couple of the basses were trying to gently tell me I was a bit stressed. I admitted it. I was actually a bit ill which made me kind of hyper. I changed the interp on the anthem and choir was doing its best to follow me. It ended up going very well.

I also rewrote both the descants after Thursdays rehearsal. This church has a file of descants they have used in the past. I have lazily just grabbed them in the past and used them. I tried to do that with one Thursday and it was awful. I spent Friday morning writing a new one and then sent it to all my sopranos. The descants went well.

I have to go read the paper.

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