sue I generous


I’ve been thinking about the fact that I’m not exactly one kind of a musician or another. Not a classical musician, not really a rock musician, not a typical Episcopalian church musician.

In addition I have been reviewing some of my old songs. I don’t have as much faith in them or myself as I used to. I still like who I am, but I am reminded of what someone once told me: that I confuse people because I’m one of a kind.

That’s probably a bit generous, right? Funny, I just checked the pronunciation on the Mirriam Webster site and it sounds like “sue I generous.” I don’t think that’s right.

I do see that my musical skills continue to improve with practice. I’m not sure what to do with my old songs. I’ve gotten hung up on rehearsing my piano reduction of the slow movement of my Marimba piece. I did the reduction quite a while ago. I find it kind of hard to play but doable. (link to the online pdf on my music page).

I had the idea of redoing some of my old songs into piano/vocal versions. But when I go through them I mostly bog down and think, fuck it. I may do that yet.

This morning I listened to several of Vulture’s 9 best songs of the week. I wasn’t listening too closely. But it seemed to me that they didn’t have much contrast within the song. I didn’t notice one bridge (that is a contrasting B section of a song).

Well I’m blogging a little late today. I have a date with my beautiful wife to go to the Farmers Market. After that I need to get back to picking hymns for the upcoming year. I’m on November. Then there’s the need to start choosing choral music.

Plus I have all these books to organize.


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