string quartets in helland

Eileen and I attended a performance by Enso String Quartet last night.

They are superb performers. They performed Bartok’s String Quartet No. 2, Op. 12. I have been listening to and studying these quartets for ages. I have a lovely little hardbound copy of them that my brother gave me.


During the second movement, I leaned over and asked Eileen if she recognized the music. She didn’t. I suspected she might because I play the recording occasionally.

I looked up the Haydn quartet they performed as well. I was intrigued by the harmonies in the minuet.  If you click on the YouTube, the interesting harmony occurs in between :05 and :06 seconds.

I looked up the score online and this beautiful note is not in the printed score I found. How interesting. I printed off the entire quartet to study (link to PDF of it).

Reading about it online I discovered that it has very irregular phrases. The minuet would be impossible to dance a minuet to. Very cool.


In addition to his academic studies, ultra-gifted student Gabriel See, 13, of Sammamish, is on a swim team, takes music classes and plays Ultimate Frisbee.

Local News | Educating Gabriel, 13, an off-the-charts prodigy | Seattle Times Newspaper


PhotoBlog – Underwater volcanic eruptions cause large green stains on sea’s surface


Great TED talk. Kudos and thanks to Carrie Hodson for posting it on Facebook. Hazelwood is involved in some interesting projects not least of which is the Paraorchestra (His daughter has Cerebral Palsy and he got interested in the musicality of “disabled” people – more info here: Let’s hear it for the Paraorchestra | Life & Style. If you don’t take the time to watch the TED video, at least watch this very cool trailer of a Hazelwood project.


One Girl’s Courage –

Another gritty inspiring story from Kristoff.


Tehran’s Foes, Unfairly Maligned –

Insights from former FBI director, Louis J. Freeh.


Maurice Sendak: ‘I refuse to lie to children’ | Books | The Guardian

Sendak is a cranky old man. Great interview.


Political Wisdom: GOP Debate Takeaways – Washington Wire – WSJ

A bit belatedly I post this link of reactions to Wednesday’s debate.


I love this video of images from Mars.

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