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I just reset my clocks on the wall. You probably can’t see it, but they are marked (in order from left to right) Beijing, Calif, Holland MI USA, and Engl. I have kids in all these place (except here of course).

I am feeling a bit better than yesterday. Before I turned in I had body aches like a body cold. I slept pretty well and woke up without a tummy ache. Aren’t you dying for the jupe body report?

I did some serious reading last night. Eileen and I made jack o lanterns but she took charge of the trick or treaters (something I usually have done in the past). I bought too much candy (something I have also done in the past).

Quote for the day: “Relationships deepen not because we necessarily say anything in particular but because we are invested enough to show up for another conversation.”

I like that. Shirley Turkle said it in her book on conversation. So you can pretty much depend on the fact that she means showing up in presence and not online, text or phone call.

Relationships between parents and children are different I think. They need nurturing but we all carry our parents with us to the grave whether we outlive them or not.

I’m still a bit shaky this morning. I’m wondering how church will go. I usually do a bit of improv to make the opening hymn work (For all the Saints – choir on a couple verse, women and children on one verse, low voices on another). Instead of improvising sections between stanzas I experimented last night with playing sections from an anthem from which I am drawing the choral verses and the descants. I can do that if I don’t feel well.


Harvard Law Library Readies Trove of Decisions for Digital Age – 

I always think this kind of thing is neat.

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