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Ah living in the country in Michigan.... | Winter scenery, Winter scenes,  Snow scenes

Another snowy day in western Michigan. It is beautiful. My beloved milkweed plants continue to persist despite all the snow we have been having. They are in bad shape to be sure but they are still poking out of the snow. The birds and the squirrels have been fluttering around the bird feeder that we replenish from time to time. I actually did a little snow shoveling today to prepare for Elizabeth and Alex to arrive as well as the Shipt person.

Elizabeth is teaching her first art class today. She seems pretty into it. Alex is okay with hanging around at our house while she does so. They haven’t decided if they are spending the night or driving back to Delton this evening. I know both Elizabeth and Alex would probably prefer to be at their own home this evening but we’ll see what happens. I have cleared the bed in my study where I am sitting so that they can sleep in here tonight if they wish.

Franz Schubert - Facts, Compositions & Music - Biography
Building a classical music library: Bela Bartok | Music | The Guardian

I continue to play and study Schubert’s Bb Piano sonata. I added some Bartok today. I have been pondering what music I am going to write. So far, still looking out the window.

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