still here on Friday morning

Last night, I picked up Eileen after work and we drove north an hour to Whitehall and had birthday meal for her Mom at her sister Nancy’s place. Eileen’s Mom was 88 yesterday.

It made a long day for us, but it was good to see fam. I have an 8:30 class this morning and I am feeling the fatigue.

Eileen has the day off so she is still resting.

I broke down and ordered some more used music from my old teacher, Craig Cramer, yesterday. He sends out a monthly list of used music he offers for sale. Eileen and I realized yesterday that this list is “Craig’s List.”

Tomorrow I will be 61 years old. I’m feeling pretty grateful to alive at this point.

I only have a few measures left on the string quartet transcription I am doing. Then all that’s left is to go through and mark dynamics and tempo changes. I will be glad to get that off my plate.


‘How Music Works,’ by David Byrne –

Dwight Garner pretty much pans Byrne’s new book. It’s on my non-fiction reading list to read next after The English Hymn by Watson. My brother and his wife gave me a copy for my birthday. Despite Garner’s take, I look forward to it.



Speaking of Byrne his new album looks interesting.


Dylan Says Slavery Still Stains United States –

Great quote in this piece.

When asked “to respond to people who have criticized him as failing to cite the sources for some of his lyrics, Mr. Dylan, apparently not in the most cheerful mood, replied that they ‘can rot in hell.’”

Dylan abides.


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