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Yesterday did not wear me out. Of course, I didn’t do much of anything after church. I have been playing a lot of Beethoven.¬† Eileen and I are hoping for some clarity around my cancer this week. At the least, we will be in their offices on Wednesday (to get my stitches out). It seems like that would be good time to update us.

I emailed this weekend’s plan for our annual Advent IV Lessons and Carols to the office today. That was quite a bit of work but at least now it’s done. Christmas Eve and the Sunday after Christmas will be easy to pass on. We are doing some fun music this year. What a blessing to have the Shorter New Oxford Book of Carols at our disposal. Nevertheless, next year I’m planning on mixing it up with some other stuff. It was just too tempting this year to use it exclusively for Advent IV and Christmas Eve and again on the Sunday after Christmas.

Eileen is bugging me to take off my bandage and take a shower so that she can rebandage my head. I will do this later.

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I have been reading a ton of Emily Dickinson out loud recently. She is fun. Also I keep reading in back issues of Poetry Magazine. I’m only just now finishing October’s issue.

Teenagers Are Not Exempt from Poetry by Kara Jackson 

This is in the October issue of Poetry. it’s an essay by a teenager. Inspiring. I like how Kara Jackson mentions poets that inspire her. I didn’t know Eve L. Ewing, but here’s a link to some poems by her including “Arrival Day” which Jackson mentions. Good stuff.

I have been catching this Barcelona group on YouTube made up mostly of young people 7 years old to 20 somethings. I find this group amazing.

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