still feeling lucky

Last night Eileen, Elizabeth, Sarah and I went out to eat at Sarah’s former place of employment in Saugatuck, The Everyday People Cafe.

I just went looking on Facebook to steal some images from Sarah’s profile but there were none there. Then I remembered she was using an actual camera not a phone.

person typing at computer animated gif

Yesterday my boss promised me $600 or so toward my new computer.

(Pic deleted here due to malware. 11/23/2012)

She said the church would have the money until January. But still. That’s cool.

Today we clean the house madly and begin preparing food for tomorrow.

Eileen’s mother and sister are coming.

Also tomorrow is my Mom’s 86th birthday.

But first I still have to do a ballet class in about an hour.

Still feeling lucky.


Colleges Turn to Crowd-Sourcing Courses –

People getting education free. Online.


Karzai Orders Afghan Takeover of Prison at Bagram –

We are having difficulty keeping our word in Afghanistan.


Financial District Project in China Has Local Support –

Fascinating to watch China attempt a financial infrastructure in the pattern of the West.


For Obama and Clinton, a Partnership’s Final Road Show –

Obama mispronounced the name of Myanmar opposition leader Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi. She only flinched for moment.

Most of this story is about Obama and Clinton.


Case Pits Police Use of Technology Against Citizens’ Rights –

Yikes. This seems like a wrong headed abuse to me.

“with only the faintest physical description and unsure which vehicle the device was in, the police trained their weapons on all 20 cars at the intersection and ordered people to show their hands. For nearly two hours, the police ordered every driver and passenger to step out of their cars, even handcuffing some of them, before discovering the missing money and two loaded firearms in Mr. Paetsch’s S.U.V.”

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