still a bit burned out


I stepped on a dead bat in the living room yesterday. This makes me unhappy as I try to release them when they are trapped in the house. We were cleaning because Eileen is meeting with a rep from our health insurance company to discuss what to do when I turn 65 this year. I feel slightly guilty that Eileen is taking care of this for me, but she seems okay with it.

I  think I am struggling to relax into summer. I am contemplating submitting a composition proposals to the AGO, one for choral and one for organ. The submission is rather involved and requires a description of the proposed composition, a resume, and previous compositions. This is probably more than I have in me at this point especially since the deadline for all of this is July 1 of this year.

I have had some ideas rattling around in my head. Unfortunately they haven’t been for choral pieces and my organ writing seems to be going nowhere right now. Nevertheless composing would be an excellent relaxing (and fun) summer activity for me if I can muster the motivation.

Greek is going well. I’m in a challenging stretch but it is rewarding. I’ve just about finished reading King Lear and am thinking of reading Timon of Athens next. Eileen may have sold her loom. She has been talking to some people from Southern Indiana who are very interested in it.

Today Eileen will go exercise before the insurance rep arrives. I will do the farmers market attend a short staff lunch, probably meet with Jen. My student left a voice mail that he wants to meet later in the day. So maybe that’s what we’ll do.

Sonia Sotomayor’s Epic Dissent Explains What’s at Stake When the Police Don’t Follow the Law | The Nation

John Nichols take on recent ruling.

Supreme Court Says Police May Use Evidence Found After Illegal Stops – The New York Times

The NYT report on this. I say who needs a demagogue for president when we have our current Supreme court? Thank you especially to Roberts and Thomas! Nice going guys! (My theory is that the ruling class is so insulated from the reality that is day to day living for many Americans they are incapable of the leap of imagination of what it’s like out here.)

The Gutting of the Voting Rights Act Could Decide the 2016 Election | The Nation

Depressing but not surprising since winning elections seems to be what eroding voting is all about.

Closest Thing to a Wonder Drug? Try Exercise – The New York Times

 How Exercise May Help the Brain Grow Stronger – The New York Times

Tuesday is the day the NYT has a science supplement. Yesterday I read these two articles while treadmilling.

The Rising Murder Count of Environmental Activists – The New York Times

This is an evil thing.

You Want Tastier Coffee? Freeze Beans, Then Grind. – The New York Times

I’ve been doing this for the last few mornings. Maybe I’m imaging it, but it seems to work.


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