Steve Jenkins & Friends gig

I now have several musicians committed to performing with me on August 5th at LeMonjellos.

People who have consented to be a musical “friend” of SteveĀ JenkinsĀ on August 5th at LeMonjellos.

Bill Bier, saxes
Debbie Coyle
Debbie Coyle, oboe
Molly Coyle
Molly Coyle, mallet instruments (marimba or xylophone)
Amy Piersma, violin
Roman Tcharchinski, percussion
Dawn Van Ark, cello
Jordan VanHemert, saxes

This makes me very happy. I have a few more musicians in mind and have been talking with them about possibly joining us.

I’m hoping to plan a unique evening of very diverse music. From Mendelssohn to mayhem you might say.

I think I managed to program our new cable outfit to record a program for Eileen to watch in its entirety at her leisure. Seems to be very easy to do. Now to figure out how to set it up to do so weekly.

I have to do church stuff today. 2nd meeting with children’s choir director and priest. Hope it goes well. Probably going to begin to get to the nitty gritty today.

Need to pick a prelude and postlude. I was hoping my bud, Jordan, could play movements from the Bach sonata we have been rehearsing but he is going to be out of town.

Also way behind on picking hymns but don’t think I’ll get to that today.

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