staying sane in a time of craziness


This is a very weird time, eh? I’m not watching the unfolding madness too closely. I’m referring to the lack of closure to the last presidential election. I was unhappy to see so many Americans going down the rabbit hole of Trump madness. This was my basic reaction, disappointment.

I ascribe this turn of events to a confluence of several things: demonization of those we disagree with, the wide strain of racism specifically white supremacy in the American ethos, inability to tell misinformation from facts (this is probably partly due to lazily checking stuff online without carefully noticing its source , and other things.

The way i am staying sane is immersing myself in things I love like learning ideas, music, and reading.

Even though I haven’t finished Maxine Greene’s Releasing the Imagination, I have begun outlining the book, recording my notes and observations. I resist purchasing a copy because I want to digest her ideas and then pursue. One of my pursuits has been to begin reading Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone . This is a novel about Fascism in a small Italian village. It seems timely.

So practicing, studying, reading, thinking, this is the way I try to stay sane.



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