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So today is St. Stephen’s day. I guess it’s my name day since I don’t know a St. Bruce (Bruce is my middle name and yes I was named for both St. Stephen and Bruce Wayne.)

A google reveals that there is a St. Bruce, patron saint of martial arts. But I’m skeptical about this. The link says he was born in Tibet before Christ. Hmmm.

Anyway, it’s also Boxing Day in some places.

Yesterday, Eileen and I had breakfast with my Mom.

All three of us had a chance to chat with Elizabeth, Sarah and Matthew via the interwebs.

This is what we looked like to them in the U.K. (Elizabeth is visiting Sarah and Matthew there). I made the mistake of logging into Skype via Windows 8.1 while we were trying to connect. Did you know that once you log in this way, it’s impossible to shut Skype down or log out of it? Or if its possible it’s complicated. I hate Windows. I also hate the alternative stuff.

We then drove to Whitehall for a Hatch Christmas.

This guy is on the wall every Christmas there. It sings.

So today I’m hoping to get a little rest in. The last few days have left me exhausted. Eileen has to work today then she has some time off.

1. Christmas ghost stories: Ofodile by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Books | The Guardian

 Thank you to Elizabeth for putting this up on Facebooger. I now have it marked to read. I admire Adichie.

2. Winning Veterans’ Trust, and Profiting From It –

This is abominable.

3.Yusef Lateef, Innovative Jazz Saxophonist and Flutist, Dies at 93 –

I didn’t know this fine musician was also an author of fiction.

4. Amnesty by Russians Includes Greenpeace Case –

And a member of Pussy Riot.

5. Iceland’s hidden elves delay road projects – Yahoo News

Thank you to the Davepaul for recommending this via email.

6. How Your Church Family Works: Understanding Congregations as Emotional Systems by Peter L. Steinke

I’ve often wondered how Ed Friedman who view the post 9/11 America. Steinke doesn’t seem to be covering much new ground but it looks like he might have some observations how family systems is playing out contemporarily especially in churches. It’s on my Good Reads “want to read” list.


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