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Sally Kohn is my new hero (heroine?). I heard her on a podcast(Recode Decode hosted by Kara Swisher). I was impressed with her.  She talked about distinguishing between anger and hate. The former is needed, the latter destructive. She talked about positive patterns of behavior that she cultivates in her exchanges with other people.  I thought she handled Swisher with wit and decorum. Unfortunately, Swisher is at peace with her own hatred and her belief that some people will not change. Kohn didn’t challenge her so much as not respond to her and intelligently analyze situations looking for the constructive action.

I’m not writing eloquently about it, but Kohn bears checking out.

I know it looks kind of touchy feely, but I think I’m going to read her book.

The predictable outrage over the White House Correspondents’ Dinner – Columbia Journalism Review

 How Michelle Wolf Blasted Open the Fictions of Journalism in the Age of Trump | The New Yorker

 Eileen and I watched Wolf’s monologue last night. After seeing it, I was baffled that it was causing so much controversy. Have these people even heard of Lennie Bruce? Here are a couple of articles i read about it. The second one is by Masha Gessen.


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