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This has been an intense week for me so far. The burst of composition energy on Monday was followed by hours with Finale. Yesterday i was surprised at how much time and energy it took to prepare a piano version of Sunday’s anthem. I also pulled out some lines in the original composition for the violin and cello to play. I was working on all this up until about  an hour before the evening rehearsal at 7 PM. I had intended to move on to editing and preparing a better version of the Trio I wrote on Monday but that didn’t happen.  That’s this morning’s project. So far I’ve resisted it. I did do Greek and a little poetry, but I am missing my quiet morning time and think I will do a bit more reading before breakfast and then work on editing the Trio after breakfast.

My friend Nick Palmer reached out to me about his new Episcopalian gig. I think we’re going to meet up next week. That will be a delight.

I am going to stop and get back to morning relaxing.

Fox News was the dominant news source in the 2016 election, Pew survey finds.

This article helps me understand how rare it is for people to seek their news outside of TV sources. No wonder this country is crazy. None of these cited are ones that I use. I watch Newshour with Eileen but I think it’s consistently terrible. I look at Googles News regularly which leads me to many other sources. Looking at what sources are doing what stories is very helpful. And then there’s Real Clear Politics. It gives nice overviews of current discussions by simply perusing headlines again noting the sources.

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