sometimes it’s better to wait until I’m not grumpy


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I got up this morning and wrote a quick blog post. However, it struck me as a tad negative so I decided not to publish it. Instead I’m writing this afternoon and I am in a much better place. Church went very well. I nailed the organ music and the choir sang “Keep your lamps” and the first verse of the psalm a cappella and sounded good.

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I played music by Johann Gottfried Walther: two arrangements of Wachet auf for the prelude and a prelude and fugue for the postlude. The music strikes me as solid writing. I brought home a volume of his chorale preludes to play for fun (!) on my electric harpsichord. Also, his solidly written fugue was so attractive that I have been finding myself drawn to playing through more fugues.

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Eileen and I stopped by the library so I could pick up my copy of Emily Wilson’s new translation of The Odyssey. I have been putting off going to pick it up since I am also reading her book on Socrates and don’t really need another book on my reading stack. But if I didn’t pick it up soon I would lose the chance to check it out. I have been reading the introduction just now and it is predictably very good.

‘We Have to Look at How Tolerant We Are of Violence in Homes’ | FAIR

This is sadly a repeat of an excellent interview from a year ago. I think the women being interviewed displays clarity.

NYTimes: Three Composers on the Necessity and Pitfalls of Political Music

One of the three is Caroline Shaw a favorite of mine. Bookmarked to read.

NYTimes: A Stranger From the Past Confronts Roddy Doyle’s Latest Hero

Roddy Doyle wrote the book, The Commitments.  I love it and in this rare case the movie based on it. His new book looks like fun.

NYTimes: Facebook Is Ignoring Anti-Abortion Fake News

This distortion in our public discussions makes me crazy.


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