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I’m listening to new music with my silly headphones this morning. First I read this article this morning: Music With Roots | The American Conservative. It was on  my google news feed. Several sentences in the article hit me. The ones about the insipidity of music made to be consumed. Then the author goes to talk about a band I didn’t know: Sun Kil Moon. I listened to this song which apparently was used in an episode of “Sons of Anarchy.”

I wasn’t sure what I thought exactly. I liked the guitar solo at the end. Then I listened to “God Bless Ohio.” It’s got some interesting lyrics and mentions Mansfield Ohio and Shawshank Redemption. It probably captures something about this state, but I’m still thinking about this group not sure what to make of it.

Then I started systematically going through the recommendations in this article: We Asked People What Music They’re Listening To – Willamette Week

It’s kind of a weird article. Just pictures of people with their music recommendation and where they are from in the captions. I do like seeing what people are listening to and these days it’s easy to hear exactly what they are referring to with a few clicks online.

One group caught my attention.

Palm. The groove is unusual. I like how they play together and the vocals.

Last night I was reading my actual copy of this week’s New Yorker. I use it as mind candy to relax before choir rehearsal. I like the cartoons. But last night I ended up reading a couple of articles. The first one, A Protest Musical for the Trump Era – The New Yorker, is about a new musical by David Byrne based on Joan of Arc.

I can’t wait to hear the songs from this show. In the meantime, I’m listening to this live David Byrne concert. I’m not sure when it was recorded but it was uploaded in January.





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