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When we were driving home from Whitehall on Sunday, we listened to the Prairie Home Companion. I knew that Chris Thiles had taken over the Garrison Keilor role. I seemed to remember him as a phenomenal part of The Punch Brothers. I used to like the Prairie Home Companion but like many things felt that it outlived its original interesting impulse and was simple riding the same old formula. I was pleasant surprised to be drawn into this segment (which I found online yesterday in an attempt to identify some of the music done in it).

The range of material in this segment fascinated me. Dr. Dre, Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, Lead Belly, and Dolly Parton all performed very expertly by these amazing musicians. I was taken with Joanne Newsom of whom I was unaware. And Aofie O’Donovan’s rendition was breathtaking to me. A lot of skill on display here. ┬áHere’s the entire piece they excerpted in this segment.

I haven’t listened all the way through to it, but have it on my list to sit down and listen to carefully watching the lyrics.

But I did listen to and watch this one. I like this woman’s voice. It reminds me of a mix of Grace Slick and the Pentangle singer and some others.

Then Alexandr Misko uploaded this video. I didn’t know the tune he was covering. But after listening to it I prefer his amazing rendition.



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