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Since all my old posts have disappeared into the ether (actually I guess they are still sitting on my server, ahem), I thought I would put up some new & old links.

Here are some new ones:

David Brooks wrote an admirable Op Ed piece in the NYT recently: “What Life Asks of Us.” He is usually a bit conservative for me, but I like what he has to say about people and institutions in this article. He might have caught the hope thing from Obama.

I have read one of his books and enjoyed it. I think it was the first one. I started the second and didn’t finish it if I remember correctly. His books are:

WWITV seems to be a portal to 3000 tv networks online from all over the world. Interesting. 

My buds Dave and Paul pointed me to this article: “Its a catastrophe for the apostrophe in Britain” by Meera Silva on Yahoo news. It seems some of the Brits find the apostrophe confusing in signs.

Now here are a couple of old ones that have disappeared with the old blog. 


I still think this 1994 article is prescient. 

The Economy of Ideas by John Perry Barlow


I still think Doctorow rocks and recommend his book: Content: Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright and the Future of the Future

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