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I’m sitting in the Denver Airport. Our flight was late getting out of Ontario but I think it was due to storms around the Denver Airport. We landed and had to wait because the ramp was closed due to lightening. Our flight to Grand Rapids is also delayed. But so far so good. At least we didn’t miss any flights.

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I finished reading Riddley Walker  on the flight to Denver.

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I’m almost done with Twelfth Night. This is the play we are going to go see with the rest of the Jenkins clan. Tony, Ben’s husband, is treating everyone. I picked up the Folger edition pictured above. I think it’s a good one if you’re trying to understand the play. But I think I prefer the Yale editions. They have better historical information. But the Folger is okay. I purchased it at the Corona Barnes and Noble when we were there for our annual visit.

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I brought Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison along if I need another book to read.

Lyric Hyphenator | Juicio Brennan

Cool site that will divide English words into their proper syllables.

Opinion | Who Cares About the Supreme Court’s ‘Legitimacy

Linda Greenhouse.


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