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This morning I am blogging earlier in my morning. I have washed the dishes and made coffee. I have checked WhatsApp for pics and videos of Lucy and Alex (new grandkids)  to email to myself to show my Mom. Next is usually Greek. However, since by the end of the day yesterday I decided to skip blogging, I thought I should do this earlier.

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My relationship to having a web site where I can leave a note and links everyday has changed since I began.


I’m not sure what year it was but it was in the 90s that I had the idealistic idea that the internet would be a good place to have conversation. I was inspired by the wonderful conversations I had in Grad school. Conversations that I had begun to sorely miss. I still miss these but have grown used to consoling myself with poetry, literature and music.

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Then I began to realize that this was a good place for my distant family and friends to easily check in and see if I was alive and what might be going on with me.

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This urgency has diminished. I see my adult kids immersed in their own lives. I like having adult kids and I like that they are independent as well as loving. This all seems about right.

Now I’m not sure why I am blogging.

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It seemed no big deal when I realized I didn’t want to do one last night.

Instead I went to church and practiced organ for a couple of hours.


It might be that on Sunday night I will do what I did last night which was mostly read through music. I did rehearse a couple of Bach pieces on my radar, but then I turned to other pieces by Bach and Buxtehude.

People have asked me if I was excited about this organ all through the process including the finalization of its installation. I have to say what I mostly feel is like I am living in a waking dream.

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I find that the beauty and integrity of the different ranks feels like a luxury. To be able to pull combinations of stops that actually enhance the music I am playing is new for me. Usually I have to use my ingenuity to not violate what I perceive is the spirit of the music. Now I just pull stops and go. Wow.

Eileen and I watched “The Fast Runner” last night.Image result for the fast runner movie


I managed to stay awake through most of it. What I saw was spectacular. I was reminded that the woman at the eyeglass frame shop said that I would be able to see TV better. Though I don’t really have a TV I do watch stuff on the computer. Yesterday I pulled my chair closer to the computer in order to read the subtitles. I wonder what it will be like to see a bit better.

Tomorrow Eileen and I get on a plane for California to visit the branch of the fam that lives there. It will be good to make our annual trip out there and see everyone in the flesh.

A Thousand Thoughts by Sam Green — Kickstarter

A movie about Kronos String Quartet.

A Mother’s Death, a Botched Inquiry and a Sheriff at War – The New York Times

Leadership in 21st century USA: “He lies because he can.” Long excellent read.

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