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It’s been a busy day today. We now are the proud owners of a new used Subaru Forrester. It looks a lot like our old one.


Eileen ran a few vehicles down online. We ended up purchasing this one from a local shop called Prestige Auto which had several used Subarus for sale. The people were very helpful. We paid about 6 K for it cash. The shop we bought it from redid the head gasket and timing belt on it for us as part of the purchase price. These need to be done after 100 k miles. The vehicle has about 120 K on it. We should get another 80 k miles on it.

Eileen and I are coping with the new landscape of my skin cancer. I will be keep people up to speed about this. It’s definitely not a secret. No news on this front.

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I stumbled across another amazing book, LikeWar The Weaponsization of Social Media. The point of this book is the impact social media has had on war and crime. I was not aware of how much armies and street gangs are using social media in their skirmishes and street fights. It is a weird story. For example according to this book, “80 per cent of street gang fights that break out in Chicago schools are now instigated online.”

The authors do a good job of describing a new kind of cyber warfare, one of information and propaganda.

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