short post on a wed morning

I have a very full day today. Planning to exercise at 9, practice organ at 10, 10:30 staff meeting with a private meeting with boss immediately following. Then ballet classes (with an hour off for lunch) until 5:30. Then pick up Eileen at 6 and off to drinks and food probably at the pub.

Yesterday I chose organ ¬†music to perform this weekend for the prelude and postlude. Am doing a couple of movements (II & IV) of Handel’s Organ Concerto in G minor, Opus 4 Nr 3.

This music sounds very English to me. For some reason I think Handel wrote them for English organs (which had a much less developed pedal keyboard than the continent). At any rate they are lovely little chamber like pieces. Traditionally when played by the organ alone one registers the solo instrument on a different manual (the original solo organ part has no pedal parts anyway).

This has to be a short post because my day is beginning. It looks like it’s going to be up in the seventies today. Woo hoo!


Tony Nicklinson, British Stroke Victim, Gets Euthanasia Ruling –

My Mom’s Investment banker said to me today that by the time he and I are old and infirm we will just get a pill to take care of us.


New York Youth Symphony at Carnegie Hall –

The piece, “That Blue Repair,” by Christopher Rogerson sounds intriguing.¬†Unfortunately, couldn’t find it online.


Lunch with the FT: Charles Murray –

Current darling of the intellectual right continues to comment.


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