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Again I find myself pretty busy. Too busy to blog for long this morning.

Eileen and I bought her a Blackberry Playbook yesterday. She seems happy with it. She’s still figuring it out.

An old friend of mine, Ken Near, put this video and several others up on Facebook recently. The beginning few minutes is Willan improvising. I quite like it. Ken sang in the ritual choir at Willan’s parish, St. Mary Magdalene, Toronto. Of course, Willan was long dead.

Ken also pointed me toward this web site:

Sheet Music, Chant Books, Hymns — MusicaSacra

It seems to have free copies of modern adaptations of Gregorian chant in English. Very cool.


Hackers release Arizona state files – Americas – Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera released this story recently. Haven’t noticed much in the American press yet. Could be I just have missed it.


Will Japanese Virtual Performers Hurt the Music Industry? – Technorati Blogging

Tecnorati opens very slowly on my little net book. Nevertheless, they seem to have some interesting articles.


A Joint Venture That Aims to Prevent Illegal Downloads of Copyrighted Material – Technorati IT

Obama Signals Era of Permanent War – Technorati Politics

Wyoming Has Moved to the Cloud – Technorati Technology


20 obsolete English words that should make a comeback | Matador Network

I love words. Here are 20 I never heard of before!


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