Sarah and Lucy at church




It surprised me a little at how much I enjoyed having my daughter, Sarah,and grand daughter, Lucy, at church yesterday.


It cheered me considerably.


Before and after church I had the usual people coming at me. The retired English prof decided that just before the prelude would be a good time to quiz me about the publicity for the Grace Notes Recitals.

This dude is beginning to lose his faculties. He was surprised to find out that during the organ purchase process I had asked for two committees to be formed around the recitals, one for publicity and one for development.  He told me he figured I just didn’t care about publicizing the concerts. I tried to make it clear to him that I had only so much energy and wanted to use it to arranging for the recitals. The skill sets needed for publicity and development are available in parishioners such as himself.

All this, just before sitting down and conducting the choir through one verse of “Comfort, comfort ye my people,” then performing three variations. on it by Georg Böhm.

I sometimes feel like Friedman’s dude in the fable with his nerves on the outside of his skin. The only difference is that I try not to act on my shuddering emotional reactions.

My organ playing went well yesterday. Despite the fact that Mary Miller omitted the name of my postlude from the bulletin, people seemed very interested  in my Sweelinck toccata. It was fun to perform.



Eileen, Sarah, and Lucy drove up for a visit with Eileen’s Mom yesterday afternoon.


I stopped and said Hi to my Mom, then practiced for a couple of hours.


Eileen says I’m practicing more than I used to.


It is fun to have such a fine instrument at one’s disposal, that’s for sure.


Surrounded by Books | Chronicles Magazine

Charming article by an elderly historian who sees himself living at the end of an age, the age of books and the word. I relate.

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This bill looks like a travesty.

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NYTimes: How the Republicans Broke Congress

And are ruining the country. In the first article about the historian there is a nice comment that “things are never as bad (or good) as they seem.”


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