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Apparently some classical music radio station dumped a bunch of records at Salvation Army. I was at the one on James street if you’re local and interested. There must be thousands of records for sale.

I picked up about twenty or so on Friday.

Eileen had the day off and wanted me to do some clothes shopping. Recently I had a woman give me twenty dollars on the street. She handed it to me wrapped in a note, so I didn’t realize she was doing so at the time. Eileen (and Rhonda) seem to think that I looked like a homeless person to this woman. Eileen ascribed some of this to my ragged winter coat.

So anyway we went shopping and at one point were at the Salvation Army.

I was amazed at the recordings that were for sale.

The records above are ones I purchased that I chose randomly to google and put up some pics of.

Yesterday I was wondering just how many Glenn Gould recordings I already own, since I have been thinking of him. I pulled out this one from my collection.

I put it on the turntable while I was doing bills. I was shocked when I heard it and realized how much influence  Gould’s aesthetic has had on me. Not that I can play like he does, but his understanding of the music, especially Bach, has been a prism through which I see much of Bach’s work.

This particular recording was one I chose to use to help my kids move from one living space to a new one. As the move approached I played the Bach record frequently. It’s a happy little thing and Gould plays it with exuberance.

Then when we moved to the new digs, I continue to play it. I was hoping it would provide some aural comfort in midst of the chaos of being uprooted. At any rate, it is a recording I love.

Serendiptiously yesterday I arrived at the section of the book, Reinventing Bach, where Paul Elie describes how Bernstein and Gould met and collaborated on this very recording.


Rights Groups Question Legality of Targeted Killing –

I was glad to see this happening. Not sure it will make a difference, but I do believe that drones raining down and killing people is immoral.


What the Brain Can Tell Us About Art –

An author and scientist shares his historical and philosophical understanding.


Tell the Truth About the Arms Trade Treaty –

This UN stuff keeps happening. I think it might be under the radar in TVland USA.


Remarks by the First Lady at the Joint Luncheon Meeting: Working Together to Address Youth Violence in Chicago | The White House

Michelle Obama puts her political cred on the line. Rush Limbaugh does not approve. But I do.


United Arab Emirates’ Laws Ensnare a Doctor –

This is a scary story. The UAE tried this doctor in absentia. He didn’t know it and got busted passing through the country.Yikes.


4 thoughts on “salvation vinyl

  1. Was that the Jesus note? Seems like they were maybe crazy. Nice ($20!), but maybe not the best judge of reality.

  2. That was the Jesus note! I do experience other people in Holland looking at me as though they think I am odd. It’s part of the environment. I probably would have confronted the young woman if I had realized she was handing me money. At least ask her why. As it was the money was wrapped in the Jesus note and I didn’t discover it till later.

  3. I’d just like to point out that you passed up FREE records at the Hope library, saying you already had enough vinly, and then BOUGHT some later at the Salvation Army. I was out with Esther this morning, and had in mind to stop by there, but then couldn’t find it – not having thought ahead enough to look up the address, I just drove down James. Then I drove around randomly – there are lots of thrift stores in this town. (due to “thrifty” Dutch folks?) I never did find it, but then I thought maybe it was for the best…

  4. Point taken about passing up free records. I never said I was coherent. In fact quite the opposite. The Salvation Army is the southern portion of the section near the mall where Barnes and Noble is, just north of the Gordon Foods.

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