road trip and energy concerns



The entire day yesterday was taken up with a trip to Chicago with the organ committee to look at a Martin Pasi instrument.

By the end of the day I was exhausted physically and mentally. We were taxied down and back by a congenial member of the committee. After we looked at the organ we all went to an excellent Mediterranean restaurant near the church recommended by Rhonda.

That was fun.

The church picked up the tab.

I was only able to rehearse my Pachelbel toccata with a run through on the Pasi. This is Sunday’s prelude and is pretty easy. But I also didn’t have energy to rehearse my piano accompaniments for the Violin and Cello sonatas I will be performing soon. Nor did I have energy to treadmill.

Instead I relaxed with a martini and Eileen and I chatted and watched some online tv.

This morning I did do my Greek and my liturgy reading as usual. We leave for China soon and the days in between then and now are very full. This is weighing on me. I’m pretty sure it will all be okay, but I do have creeping doubts about my energy levels at this age and sometimes wonder exactly how I will negotiate all I have committed myself to.


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