resting up


Eileen and I have decided to hang around Holland for a while. We have found ourselves unusually fatigued after our June-July travels. Today we went to the Farmers Market. We purchased blueberries, tomatoes, and honey. Our refrigerator is already fully since we have done a couple of delivery orders from Meijer since getting home. I wish I had delayed purchasing more fresh food to buy locally but there’s always the next time.

I ordered more of those beeswax sheets to use instead of plastic wrap.

We ran across some of theseĀ  in England and purchased a few. It seems like a good way to go. You wipe them clean and then end discarding them after a few months of use.

I also ordered a set of kitchen scales for myself.

I want to be more careful about my eatingĀ  now that I’m home. Of course, yesterday we went out to eat for lunch at The Biscuit and ordered pizza in the evening. Ahem.

I’m enjoying have leisure time at home to read, study, and play piano. Life is good.


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