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I slept badly last night. This morning my blood pressure was up. I think part of this is my introverted nature asserting itself and reacting to being with people. I also found a leak on the front porch this morning which could only be coming from the upstairs bedroom air conditioner. Sheesh.


 Our bathroom renovation continues to progress. Yesterday Chris the worker finished priming most of the walls he will paint today. The above pic is the view from standing in the shower area. And here’s a view of the shower area on the other side of the new bathroom.


Here’s the primed kitchen wall:


Fans were left blowing on the drying walls all night.

On Sunday afternoon, Eileen and I went to a local laundromat and washed clothes. Our old washing machine is no longer serviceable. Frustrating when a new washer/dryer is sitting in the house waiting to be installed.




I have to get my Mom to a Miracle Ear appointment today. Hoping she will consent to have lunch with me. We’ll see. I also need to work on compositions, get Subaru to the shop, plan a couple weeks of music for church and treadmill.

I guess I’m back at it.

1. Nate Silver and a general theory of media exodus | Jack Shafer

Nate Silver had astute math based observations on the last election and shared them on a NYT blog. He has now moved from NYT to ESPN. Shafer has ironic comments.

2. Royalty disputes strike sour note in streaming music

Millionaires bickering.

3. The humble SIM card has finally been hacked: Billions of phones at risk of data theft, premium rate scams | ExtremeTech

I posted this on Facebookistan and one of my “facebookfriends” pointed out that if there are seven billion cell phones out there people have to have more than one, but a quick google shows that the number of cell phones is approaching the number of people in the world. Wild.

4. The ‘Ender’s Game’ Boycott –

I like the editorial position of not boycotting while still disdaining.




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