Refreshed from vacation

My vacation seems to have restored my equilibrium to some extent. What this means is that after just getting back from a trip to the other side of the world, most of the concerns that were preoccupying me before I left seem to be not so important.

Instead, I have been thinking a lot about writing and recording.

Today is the last of three days of plunging back into my routine. After this evening’s rehearsal I don’t have to do anything until Sunday. This is good.

Yesterday I was playing a 13th century melody on my guitar thinking how much I like the sound of my old Martin guitar. After a week away from doing music, the sheer sound of the notes was a pleasure to me.

I decided to use this little melody for the prelude on Sunday and add instrumentalists to it (violins, viola, cello).

I also pulled out an old song (Empty Sounds) and rewrote the lyrics just a tad. I am looking forward to getting back to recording.

I hope I am able to preserve some of the perspective I gained from getting away.

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